Mythia, Land of Destiny

The Pirate King's Old Friend

2/9/2014 Mission 3

We start after the group has left the crystal lair of Yen-Jassi, before Juniper has come out of the cave. Th waiting pirates and gnomes had not notices anything amiss and had seen no one enter the cave after us. They are all startled and chagrined to discover that their leaders had been in combat, and that they has missed it all.
Zento finds out how the baddies got into the tunnel in the first place. It would seem that thy teleported to the area then used their varying abilities to sneak in unseen. Th party is pleased that they didn’t turn on the men waiting outside…
The ship is readied and when Juniper rejoins the party we all set out.
Over the course of our journey back to the coast, we discuss the events in the cave. Hero asks June about the horn she sounded to summon the angel. She explains that it was a gift she received a long time ago. She mentions that Raphael is one of the best healers alive.
Ronan’s men tell us that Saarkrith is ready to talk, after Zento’s psion has softened him up, so to speak. Saarkrith is very still and quiet when we go to him in the ship’s brig. The group steps back and lets Ronan lead the questioning, occasionally inserting a question here and there. We learn that the Emperor of Zaatlout has called for war against all land dwellers. THe Barron’s group was just one of many such squads sent out to steal land walker technology to be used against us. They believe that we the ones who broke Fate as an attack against them, and the believe that we can turn it back on again. Nothing we say will convince him otherwise. The fact that the merfolk tribes are all working together on this is most troubling, as they usually refuse to swim in the same direction…
We decide that Saarkrith will remain in the ship’s brig until we can get him to the Illium, assuming of course that it is still a viable option…
It takes a while for us to travel back down river to Kahira, so along the way we get to know each other a little better via Hero being nosey…
Ronan: He is asked about his homeland. He claims Cassadega as his hometown. We talk about his hands and he mentions the ‘Old Runes’ inscribed on them. He doesn’t go into the Old Rune’s history, but he says the specific ones carved into his hands mean ‘Blood’ and
Juniper: She is asked about her parents, to which she responds that they are dead. She does tell the group that thy were named Bramble and Thyme. Her relationship with Yen-Jassi is brought up and she claims him as an old friend. It is also revealed that she knows a lot of dragons due to her line of work as a Godmother.
Zento: His father was a former emperor of his land named Urdbar and his mother was Emperess Wilhelmina. We learn he had a brother who ruled before Zento and that he was a bad ruler. We learn a bit more about his nifty alchemy ball. It can transform into things, it sinks in water, when psychic energy strikes its surface it changes into weird shapes. Zento always knows where it is and as far as he knows, he is the only person who can use it.
Aries: We learn a little about his parents and how they were Fated to be together and that they would have an important son. Also, neither knew the other’s Fate until after they were married.

By the time we reach Kahira, we have been traveling around twenty-five days. While there we restock on supplies. Zento has dinner with a gnome family who migrated here from the ‘homeland’. Ronan stays on the ship and has a music night with the crew. Juniper goes to the Chapter House to pick up a few things and consult with the head godmother of the city. Aries goes to the area where the angels sometimes meet with people and e discovers that there are no angels in the city.

Once everyone gets back to the boat, Juniper hands out a small metal talisman to each member of the group. She tells them that they will be able to use them to communicate with her, and she will relay it to the rest of the group.


Gunthru Kamisama66

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