The Endless Armor

This armor is one of the most terrifying artifacts in the whole of Mythia for it's ability to change it's wearer's fate to match it's own.


The Armor gives it’s wearer an additional 1 to their power level (2 if they began at 0-1)


The Endless Armor is indestructible, but has been hidden away several times throughout the centuries. It was created by Zithirid, the Fate Weaver as a trap for his worst enemy, Harper the Bold. The endless armor takes on the form most likely to be worn by onlookers and once donned cannot be removed by normal means. The armor removes choice from it’s captive and dominates it’s movements and thoughts. The armor’s original intent was to have Harper kill his whole family as vengeance for earlier slights, and it still causes it’s wearer to do much the same thing. Upon scanning it’s wearer’s mind the armor systematically goes and kills all the creatures loved ones until none remain, then releases them from it’s grasp to witness what they have done. The armor’s fate is inscribed upon it in the Abyssal tongue when it is in it’s neutral form.
“To kill love and bring endless sorrow.”

The Endless Armor

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