Zithirid, the Fate Weaver

This paragon of the illithid race is a being of incredible power and psionic ability. The most terrible of all his powers is the ability to twist a persons fate to his own ends.


4 (deadly)


Zithirid is quite famous among his own kind as a genus trailblazer who has destroyed many of the most potent enemies to the illithid race. He is a master wizard, psionic and his fate gifts him an unusually powerful and rare ability, the capability to warp a persons fate itself into a dark mask of it’s potential, and with the right preparation, even change it for a short while.
“Strings on a harp made of entrails, pluck carefully the perfect tone. Let them scurry quick while you walk behind, then break their mind alone.”
His fate is darkness-bred, with odd and unusually macabre language and the rhyming couplet along with no mention of his actual powers. This is not unusual for creatures of the darkness and makes them hard to learn about beforehand. Some creatures of the darkness choose not to have their fate read at all.
Zithirid is known to the world as the arch-enemy of Harper the Bold, the legendary knight and servant of good. The two fought battles on and off for nearly a decade with Harper ever vigilant against the schemes of the illithid. In what is considered Zithirid’s most potent move (by illithid standards) he crafted a cursed mail known as the Endless Armor and set it as a trap for Harper in his own lair. He allowed Harper to believe that the knight had bested his foe and as the paladin took the stolen magical items he saw the amazing craftsmanship and structure of the Endless Armor and took it for his own. When he put on the terrible armor the curse took hold. Zithrid spent years perfecting the mail and it did not disappoint. As soon as Harper put it on the armor changed the knight’s fate to the armor’s own fate “To kill love and bring endless sorrow.”
Harper returned to his home town of Pragg and slew his own family and friends in cold blood with the indestructible armor aiding him.

Zithirid, the Fate Weaver

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