Walks No Roads

A honey-badger squirrel mix known as a Keek-Pa. Walks no Roads is named for his fate. The young warrior seeks to prove his worth.


2 (Strong Warrior)


Walks No Roads’s fate is simple
“You will Walk No Roads.”
He cannot set foot upon any paved or laid path. Game trails are as close as he can go to a road. Because of this limitation Walks chooses to live deep in the forest of Ignis’s Arm and currently is acting as a protector to all manner of forest creatures. His race, the Keek-Pa are very rare and far-flung. They are known to be solid and terrifying warriors with a affinity for “claw-like” weapons. The Keek-Pa do not raise their young but leave them to fend for themselves in the world. In this case, Walks was raised by dryads deep in the forest and subscribes to their understanding that any intrusion into the forest by outsiders is evil and should be stopped at all costs. This causes many conflicts with the outside world, up to travelers, lumberjacks and most frequently, other creatures who seek to steal the natural bounty of the trees.

Walks No Roads

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