Vermin Lord

This ghastly undead roams the Ten-Thousand Thorns Marsh. Those unlucky enough to encounter him whisper that he can control the very trees and beasts of the foul bog, though his favorite minions are the rats and other vermin.


4- (Deadly)


The Vermin Lord guards the Ten-Thousand Thorns Marsh from sentient creatures, allowing only beasts and plants to fill the vast haunt. Any unlucky enough to be stuck in the marsh at night report hearing unearthly screams which sound very close at all times. Many say that the Lord nails himself to a old rotten tree in the center of the marsh for reasons unknown. Others say that it is not the lord himself screaming, but his still-living victims which he keeps caged in the thick canopy for his own terrible purpose. It is widely thought that the Vermin Lord is a creation of Xosar and guards the entrance to the Umbral Dark situated over the dragon’s own terrible lair. Some say that the river Stixx forms at the mouth of this pit and Charon the Boatman rows his lonely boat in it’s waters. Whatever the truth is, the Vermin Lord’s fate is not known, perhaps since he is a construct of Xosar, and she has not seen fit to share.

Vermin Lord

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