The Stone Wolf

The Stone Wolf used to be a sight to be feared by the corrupt and immoral. Living in the wild lands, he swore to keep watch on those who used civilization's bounty for their own selfish gains. That was, until his wife was killed.


3- (Potent Foe)
4- (Deadly) : In his Prime


Eric Grant was once feared by all corrupt who used their coin and sway to step on those who had no voice. He was the Stone Wolf, granted the rare mark of stone by Crator for his superior druidship, a once in a generation gift. He can cause stone to cover his body or command rocks to his whim, he can even sink into the earth and shoot through it’s crust at immense speeds. He used this power to check the corrupting effect of civilization, enjoying salt of the earth folk and despising greedy lords, nobles and kings, even merchants. He was a champion of the little people for more then a dozen years until his wife had an accident which was not an accident. The human woman Tris Grant was the Erics world and her death changed him. He started drinking and became a sour wash-out. He is on the verge of loosing his mark for his lack of drive and dishonorable behavior, but doesn’t care. If he is lost to the alcohol, it may be one of Mythia’s saddest days yet.

The Stone Wolf

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