Ten Bottles

An ancient gnome of well over 900 years old, Ten Bottles wonders the wildernesses of the world collecting rare herbs to complete his destiny to create the elixir of life, which will give immortality to it's drinker.


2- (Common Ascended)


The story goes that as a youth, ten bottles went by the name Roth and had a much different life. He lived in a small peaceful village on the outskirts of the Crystal Forest and his fate seemed so very far away.
That fate was “He shall mix what no one else has ever combined. In a single brew he will conquer death and renew life.”
That was before a rock giant came down from the nearby mountains and smashed his village under it’s foot. The youth had been playing with his sister down by a nearby stream, but saw the destruction caused by the wayward giant. His sanity began to unravel as he and his sister traveled as orphans to live in the city of Pine. Slowly falling into a stupor, Roth drifted away from the world to live inside his own head for years, forcing his sister to take care of them both and she struggled to make ends meet. After years of a difficult life Roth’s sister fell terribly ill and lay on her death bed with her brother besides her. She told him that she loved him and worried who would take care of him without her around. At that moment Roth’s permanent down-cast eyes lifted, and he spoke for the first time in years. He was very sickly from his time in his comatose state but promised her she would not die today, or ever. Moving with uncanny speed this new Roth flicked about their house, gathering common plants and potions and combining them in a way never before used. He had his sister drink the concoction and she was miraculously cured. In just a few months Ten Bottles, the name he had begun using in order to sell his miracle brews, had amassed a small fortune and gave it all to his sister. He then told her that he planned to seek the secret to eternal life in his gratitude to her for taking care of him. His sister told him that she didn’t want to live forever but some suspect that Ten Bottles had already completed his fate and that this new quest is just the construct of an addled mind. He left that day and has never returned. Their are many mysteries and stories surrounding Ten Bottles, different telling would have you believe that fate itself brought him back from his madness and now imbues his life with greater purpose. These same people guess that it is fates hand keeping Ten Bottles alive long after any normal human should be in his grave. Others guess that he has already discovered the elixir of life and drunk it himself, and now seeks some other mysterious goal.

Ten Bottles

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