Pith The General

Pith is a half-elf whose mastery of warfare has caused men to flock to her banners, she is an up and coming force in the world.


3- (Potent Foe)


Pith was born a bastard child of a elven noble man who had a few too many drinks at a foreign tavern and slept with one of the bar-wenches. She was raised by the folk of the bar, called the Unicorn’s Tree and the local witch told her fortune when she was just a day old.
“She will punch heaven in the eye and spit on the king. What men would stand tall before her will be humbled and her blade will sing a song for angels.” Having little idea what that fate meant she was raised to be a tavern girl, carrying trays and serving drinks. She loved the people of the tavern and was doted upon by all for her cute looks and fiery altitude. After many years she began to become a woman and her beauty and altitude only increased, just as the men of the town dreamed of her on their arms, she dreamed of dragons and giants. It was one particular night, when a group of the towns alpha boys tried to rape Pith and she broke their bones for their attempt that she decided she was going to leave this small town. It was a tearful goodbye shared by all the tavern’s employees, who she called family. Pith then left to join a nearby noble’s house and become a knight. At first the knights laughed at Pith for her silly dream, but when she bent their helmets with her fists, they thought again. In her first battle Pith more then proved her worth as she struck out across a field between enemy forces with arrows raining down around her. She wielded a claymore humorously over-sized for her small frame. She drove into the enemy ranks, slicing and cleaving with an uncanny strength gained from a life of quick work and heavy lifting. The story goes that after dozens of men lay dead around her and the noble’s men finally caught up to her advance Pith turned to them and said “still easier then carrying boiling water up the stairs for a bath.” She was quickly advanced through the noble’s ranks and eventually struck out on her own again, taking many close friends made in the knight-hood with her. They became mercenaries and took more and more difficult jobs even as their skills became more incredible.

One day Pith and her men, who had become known as the Razor Blossom for their fighting technique of standing back to back and whirling through enemy ranks, were hired on by a general to act in concert with his own army and siege a castle. When the battle began the general who hired Pith on was killed almost immediately by a stray arrow and the army’s forces began to break. Seeing that she and her men would be caught out in the open and in a terrible position Pith grabbed up the dead general’s sword and called for a charge towards the castle doors. To her surprise most of the men in the army had heard of her and turned about under her screaming guidance. They successfully stormed the gates and captured the crown of the opposing king. When Pith returned to the king whose general had hired her in the first place, he accepted the crown of his fallen foe, but would not let Pith go until she agreed to lead his army and become his new general. She refused. Pith and her men were thrown into the kings terrible prison till she changed her mind. Instead Pith broke free and killed the king in his sleep. The next morning she stood before the king’s army and told them that she had accepted the kings offer and was now their new general. She said that the kings first desire was for them to leave his lands and fight a king no one had ever heard of. Confused but also filled with battle-lust and excitement at Pith’s acceptance, the men followed the half-elf off the kings lands and into the unknown. Slowly, the men came to the realization that Pith was not following their kings orders, and most didn’t care. They became her army and followed what she wanted. Pith has become the bitter rival of Kalad the conquer and their armies have clashed many times. Pith often hires out her army to kings in need of her aid for huge sums which she then uses to feed and outfit her men in the finest armor and weapons.

Pith’s men say she is strict but fair, that she makes each one feel pride in being a soldier. In person Pith is witty and blunt. She has a guile of speech that comes from working at a tavern, and also a solid understanding of how the world really works.

Pith The General

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