Osire, the Storm Mage

Osire is the most potent storm wizard in Mythia. His final goals have always been mysterious except for his desire for huge sums of wealth.


4- (Deadly)


“The thunderhead forms dark as pitch from thousands of droplets condensing in the air. They sweep over the land, looking far below to where they will pour their cargo. Once empty they either disappear or turn back to the smiling white of contentment.”
Osire’s very strange fate is one open to interpretation but it seems to give him a natural affinity with storms.
Having lived most of his extremely long life (for a human) next to the oceans of Ignos, Osire has dealt with the most powerful figures on the ocean at one time or another. He has been a sailor, pirate, study-bound arcanist, and tactician throughout his lifetime. He has a stubborn pride found hard-wrought into his weathered face and a deep love for the sea and the rage of a storm found in his eyes. It is said that the only thing that ever scared Osire was dying without a lasting legacy; but it seems he has found even that in his daughter, Fenish Primm, the Lightning Pirate.
Fenish meant the world to Osire, but her mother did not. Osire left the two of them when Fenish was only 12 to attend to the dangerous matter of holding his seat on the council of pirates. Though Osire did not love Fenish’s mother Maria, he saw that his daughter would be far safer in her arms then on his deck. When Fenish was 18 she followed in her father’s footsteps and would eventually take his place on the council when the king would not bend to his wishes. Osire wished to use much of the money they had gained to finance a mysterious “project” that he had spoken his desire to begin for years, but would never reveal what it was. He stormed out of the council chamber and secluded himself in Rogue’s Haven, his own personal fortress and seat of power. Osire has surfaced only a few times in the past years and never for anything significant to the outside world. His daughter still respects her father’s wishes and does not speak about his project, if she even knows what it is.
In person Osire is wizened and insightful but has the bluster of an old warrior and the stubbornness of an ass.

Osire, the Storm Mage

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