Harper the Bold

One of the greatest heroes of modern times. He is beloved by the people, his country and has earned the respect of even the most stubborn cynic.


5- (Nearly Impossible)


Harper has been a champion since he was 17 years old, he is now 55 and still a true warrior. Though partially retired he can still be called upon in times of dire need and can be seen frequenting the many tournaments in his home city of Garen. Harper was once the chosen champion of Garen before choosing to step down and make way for the far younger and equally potent Aries. He is asked opinions on military tactics, city planning, political seats and trade by more then a few of the most powerful rulers in the world and on the rare occasion that he speaks, people tend to listen.
As a babe it was not always known that Harper would be a hero. In-fact people thought that he would become a great villain due to the wording of his fate.
“Your sword will cut through anything. Your blade will strip the flesh from the one who harms you; bring him vengeance swift and unending. Ten fold tidings to the enemy. Your edge will find them no matter the distance.”
It turned out that Harper’s fate was incredibly potent. When wielding a sword Harper could literally cut through any object, and more impressive, he could cut through immaterial things, such as relationships, hate, love, loyalty, resolve and even (for a moment) fate itself. The last line of his fate also gave the ability to thrust or slash his sword into any object and instead of cutting that object, the part of his blade passing through the object would be teleported wherever he wanted it within roughly 25 feet of himself, allowing him to fight and kill his foes from quite far, and with the ease of his foes not being able to determine where his blade would emerge around them. He could even stab or slash himself and have his blade teleport in this way.
Imagine their surprise when instead of a murderous savage Harper joined the knighthood and became a champion. People were amazed and pleased at this turn-around and Harper became a poster-child for the ability of anyone to choose their own destiny; a very popular idea back then. His face was plastered on posters, dolls in the likeness of him and his horse Thunder were made. For a small time his face was minted onto Garen’s coins for his 25th birthday.
As popular as Harper was, he had his flaws. He was a heart-breaker with the ladies of Garen and a bit of a player. He was kind to warriors and soldiers, but hated politicians and taxes, causing all kinds of unneeded upheaval and fights. He once even threatened to cut off the head of a tax-collector who asked him to pay an additional fee for building a stable on his property (a law of the time).
When he was 28, Harper fell deeply in love and got married to an elf named Prin. The two had a half-elven child and Harper thought about settling down, but decided that he had one last duty to perform. Harper had long had a terrible enemy in Zithirid, the Fate Weaver; an illithid of such intelligence and power that the two had faced off often without a winner. Harper decided that it was time that this particular evil be removed, then he could settle down in peace.
Unbeknownst to Harper, Zithirid was having the same thought about the paladin and had already crafted an insidious plan to harm his foe in an unimaginable way. For three years Harper perused Zithirid deep into the Umbral Dark with many of his most loyal men in arms. Hold after secret hold fell to Harper and his men. When they finally reached the core hold of the illithid and drove Zithirid out was when the trap was sprung. A powerful plate armor caught Harper’s eye. Being the only one in the group strong enough to wear plate Harper donned the amazingly crafted armor and terror struck. It turned out that The Fate Weaver had placed a terrible curse upon it. Using his own fated powers, Zithirid made the plate change the wearer’s fate to “To kill love and bring endless sorrow”. Harper slew his comrades and returned to his own home in Garen under the armor’s control where he slew his wife and newborn son. The armor, from then on called the “Endless Armor” for the endless pain it causes, then released him. In his pain people expected Harper to go and slay Zithirid as his fate seemed to suggest he would, but the warrior never did.
In a less well known piece of Harper’s story, a few years later Harper went on a quest to retrieve his families soul from The Ever, but he failed.

Harper the Bold

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