Damblith the Old

This ancient evil is a believer in a particular school of dark thought which states that fate should be free to enact it's will upon mortals without interference. He is a self-appointed cult leader of Satan's Hand; a clan of like-thinking criminals.


5- (Nearly Impossible)


It is unknown when Damblith came into existence and if he was always as he is now, but many suggest that he spawned randomly from the elemental energies left burning after the Dragon War. The first many years of his life, the creature wondered the world alone and afraid, seeking refuge in caves and homes left abandoned after the many years of war. If things had continued that way things might have ended then for Damblith, but then he saw a faceless man who attacked him. When the creature tried to steal his face it could not and in a moment of destiny, instead sought to worship Damblith as a god. Taking the creature as his servant Damblith had it steal and bring him sacrifices and brought more creatures of evil into his service; gnolls, demons and even minor pieces of the darkness. For many years Damblith ruled over a gang of misfit creatures all fearing his incredible strength and cold rage. Another great change came nearly a century later, after his group had gained infamy as a evil cult, and killed many great champions. Damblith saw Satan in a dream; the pale devil came to Damblith for a specific task and had him kill a bound by the name of Aderia the Slayer, a Deva of legendary skill. In his success Damblith tasted great victory over his deed and quickly became obsessed with Satan. He also saw that the deva he had killed had been working with the godmothers, killing creatures like him because they were “too powerful”. Damblith took this as a calling from Satan that he should stop people like Aderia everywhere, anyone who would try to control the game of fate and spin it to their own ends should be stopped.
Another change in Damblith occurred when the darkness was killed, instantly slaying half of his powerful servants. In a fury Damblith went to the sight of the darkness’s death and searched for signs of it’s killer. He found a particular sent of magic and followed it over years to Yen-Jassi. When he came upon the great dragon in his lair, their were no words. The two clashed in an epic struggle, but in the end Damblith was gravely wounded and ran.
After the clash Yen-Jassi tried to read Damblith’s fate but found it impossible. He determined only that it is a part of his fate that no creature can read it, making the horrible abomination not only a potent foe, but one that can never be truly known.
With sworn enemies of both Yen-Jassi and the godmothers, Damblith began to collect evil ascended of great power under his banner and formed a powerful and complex cult called Satan’s Hand. The goals of this group are to eradicate those who seek to harness fate for their own ends, and since Damblith’s first such kill was a bound, he seeks them out especially. Damblith carries a ruby necklace with him as a keepsake from Adreria, his first kill and drinks only angel’s blood. Damblith began to age around his 10,000 year of life and enacted a terrible magic to keep himself alive forever; he needs to feast on an angel once every year on a full moon or he will die. In a sick gesture, Damblith inserts the wings of the angel he last killed into his back and allows them to rot there until he kills again.

Damblith the Old

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