Arcantus, The Moons Eye

The dragon of magic, he looks down from the stars upon the world and studies each minute detail; recording all of Mythia in his great book. He is distant and cold. He is the dragon of the the moon, skill, and darkness.


5- (Nearly Impossible)


Arcantus is very literally composed of stars in the sky. He is a living constellation that can descend to the earth when he chooses. His duty has him watch the world of Mythia and record all events, great and small that happen in his endless tome, which usually rests upon the moon. His quill is pure magic, the most powerful artifact to exist. In person Arcantus is unintelligible, as he cannot concentrate on the here and now unless truly roused. If made angry Arcantus will obliterate any creature without a second thought as he has no moral code except his duty. He is a natural force and can only be reasoned or spoken with by another world-dragon who seem to understand his eccentricities. Arcantus is the only being in Mythia capable of performing his difficult task and it is said that his pen-movements keep the world turning. Without his efforts everything simply ceases to exist.

Arcantus, The Moons Eye

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