Ace, The Snatcher

Ace is part of the cult of Saten's Hand and second only to Damblith the old within the group


4 (Deadly)


Ace is a maniac and a sadist with dreams of grandeur. Only a few years ago Ace showed himself to the world in the worst way when he created a child army and marched against Garen, hoping the lawful city wouldn’t fight back against children. He was defeated by Aries and put away in the Illium.
“He cannot be broken” is Ace’s powerful fate. This extends to his skin, bones and mind. He is nearly indestructible and uses it to his advantage in combat. Blocking sword blows with his arms and head. He has broken blades with his headbutt and flogs his enemies to death with his flail Face Smasher. While in prison Ace has thought only of vengeance against the man who put him there and waits until his group breaks him free.

Ace, The Snatcher

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