One of the few vampires in the world, Abbadon boasts some impressive psionic abilities as well as the unnatural strength, dexterity and speed that comes with his title as "lord of the night".


4 (Deadly)


In life Abbadon was once a noble monk and a practitioner of the disciplines therein, but grew impatient with waiting for the reigns of leadership to be handed over, so secretly killed the order’s master and stole his place. It was years before the crime was discovered and the monks were forced to kill Abbadon since he would not relinquish the powerful tomes that went with the seat. In life Abbadon had already prepared himself for this eventuality, using the ancient tomes and twisting their life-giving magic for his own sick ends. He rose again as a vampire and destroyed his monastery then left for the greater purpose he felt he deserved.
Abbadon was obsessed with completing his fate early in his undeath, and with it out of the way focused on increasing his knowledge of the mind. He plans to one day bring Ignos to it’s knees, casting the world into terrible darkness and becoming it’s ruler.
Abbadon is not a cautious creature and rushes headlong into his plans using his immense skill and quick thinking to pull himself out of scrapes. It helps that he can change into fog and roil away when things get too dicey. He is one of the most illusive enemies that regularly fights in person.
The axe Abbadon carries is called Bloodfang and the touch of it’s bite can drain all the blood from a man’s body, leaving them an empty husk. The mask he wears covers his repulsively ugly features he received when he was burned with a torch by a scorned lover.


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