• Abbadon


    One of the few vampires in the world, Abbadon boasts some impressive psionic abilities as well as the unnatural strength, dexterity and speed that comes with his title as "lord of the night".
  • Ace, The Snatcher

    Ace, The Snatcher

    Ace is part of the cult of Satan's Hand and second only to Damblith the old within the group
  • Admonstranx the Deceiver

    Admonstranx the Deceiver

    This powerful devil was not created by Satan, but was a creature of darkness before the first war. During that war Satan allowed Admonstranx something no other piece of the darkness received, freedom.
  • Arcantus, The Moons Eye

    Arcantus, The Moons Eye

    The dragon of magic, he looks down from the stars upon the world and studies each minute detail; recording all of Mythia in his great book. He is distant and cold. He is the dragon of the the moon, skill, and darkness.
  • Aries


    A champion of justice and the light with a fate that could make him the greatest warrior of all time.
  • Besturn, the Lightning Serpent

    Besturn, the Lightning Serpent

    Besturn is the child of Sumzal and Salt with what some would call the best features of both
  • Betun, Champion of Monsters

    Betun, Champion of Monsters

    The current arena champion of the Tal'Riss arena, she is undefeated in her legendary run to the top.
  • Crator, The Earth's Fist

    Crator, The Earth's Fist

    The dragon of strength, Crator is a powerful druid who sees far into the future. He hates the people of any race who do not respect their resources or live in harmony with the world. Crator is also the dragon of wilderness, earth, and protection.
  • Damblith the Old

    Damblith the Old

    This ancient evil is a believer in a particular school of dark thought which states that fate should be free to enact it's will upon mortals without interference. He is a self-appointed cult leader of Satan's Hand; a clan of like-thinking criminals.
  • Estrid, The White

    Estrid, The White

    Otherwise known as the Drake Queen, Estrid is the sole ruler of the kingdom of Airspur. She was born with the white hair which signified her future heritage as queen, and the coming death of the former ruler.
  • Faeleen


    Faeleen is one of Harper's close companions, but used to be an elven princess stuck in a tower, waiting for rescue.
  • Gabriel, Guard of Light

    Gabriel, Guard of Light

    Gabriel is an angelic champion who leads the armies of heaven into battle. She is tactically minded and is the only angel who is allowed to contemplate the idea of "necessary sacrifices"
  • Harper the Bold

    Harper the Bold

    One of the greatest heroes of modern times. He is beloved by the people, his country and has earned the respect of even the most stubborn cynic.
  • Jegudiel, Guard of Swords

    Jegudiel, Guard of Swords

    Jegudiel is an angelic weapon born into the endless battle against evil. He fights tirelessly against the dark with the conviction and determination to see the war through to its end.
  • Kalad the Conqueror

    Kalad the Conqueror

    Kalad is one of the foremost evils left in the world. A merciless war-machine stands at his beck and call, ready to cleanse the living from this world.
  • Kazor, The First Flame

    Kazor, The First Flame

    The dragon of war, he was excluded from his share of the world when it was divided at the end of the dragon-war and still rages, ripping kingdoms and lands apart in his fury. He is also the lord of tyranny, fire, strife and vengeance.
  • Kodan, War-king of Praag

    Kodan, War-king of Praag

    Kodan is a rare ursen, a race of bear-men that are native to the Sky Range. Unlike the majority of his kin, Kodan left his secluded homeland and traveled as a mercenary for hire who eventually became a champion, until he was elected war-king of Praag.
  • Lady Nothing

    Lady Nothing

    The mysterious and powerful ruler of Cassedega.
  • Latus, The Icy Wind

    Latus, The Icy Wind

    the dragon of creation, Latus dwells outside of Mythia on the encircling ice. She breaks the icy hold on the land and uncovers long-lost islands onto which civilization can expand. Latus is also the dragon of civilization and winter
  • Leslie Lightwarden

    Leslie Lightwarden

    Leslie is a Praag native who recently joined Harper's company. She is the first of the next generation to come under the legends wing.
  • Michael, Guard of Faith

    Michael, Guard of Faith

    Michael is the leader of Heaven and acts as a god-like figure which the prayers of mortals are often sent to. This position does not quite suit the unsure and often times flawed angel.
  • Myrbbin, the Wizard in the Tower

    Myrbbin, the Wizard in the Tower

    The quintessential wizard in the tower, Myrbbin's fate allows him to know all things while asleep.
  • Oppd


    Oppd is a rather uninspiring figure with inspiring capabilities. One of the greatest archers in Mythia, Oppd is a long-time member of Harper's adventuring crew.
  • Osire, the Storm Mage

    Osire, the Storm Mage

    Osire is the most potent storm wizard in Mythia. His final goals have always been mysterious except for his desire for huge sums of wealth.
  • Pazzx the Messenger

    Pazzx the Messenger

    Pazzx is not of any race, but one of the mysterious messengers who act as transporters of important mail throughout Mythia. He is also the leader of said organization and renound as the fastest creature in all of Mythia
  • Pit


    Pit is a sorcerer of great power and evil who crafts careful plans to dominate Mythia. He will go further then anyone else to discover untapped power and magic.
  • Pith The General

    Pith The General

    Pith is a half-elf whose mastery of warfare has caused men to flock to her banners, she is an up and coming force in the world.
  • Potjack, the half-ogre

    Potjack, the half-ogre

    Potjack is a huge creature with a short temper and unearthly strength that is fated to have no limit. He commonly works as a lowlife mercenary.
  • Ragul, Guard of Justice

    Ragul, Guard of Justice

    Ragul is one of the few angel wizards. He acts as judge for the heavenly host, deciding the punishment heaven should deal out for wrong-doings.
  • Raphael, Guard of Knowledge

    Raphael, Guard of Knowledge

    Raphael is at heart a seeker of knowledge who uses his gathered intelligence to aid the community of light and justice he has built up over the centuries.
  • Red Chaos

    Red Chaos

    An old traveling companion of Harper the Bold, Red Chaos was burned by acid and left horribly scared by Abbadon. His fate makes him one of the most devious champions on Ignos.
  • Rogues Haven

    Rogues Haven

    The headquarters of Osire The Storm Mage and his many wizards. This island tower acts as a gathering place for the powerful arcane users of the sea.
  • Salt, The Ocean's Heart

    Salt, The Ocean's Heart

    The dragon of secrets, she traverses the infinite ocean and gathers all it's treasures to herself. She is the dragon of the sea, change, storm and freedom.
  • Satan, the Eternal Morningstar

    Satan, the Eternal Morningstar

    The absolute ruler of hell, enemy of the angels and lord of the dammed.
  • Selaphiel, Guard of Hope

    Selaphiel, Guard of Hope

    The creator of the lesser members of the heavenly host, Selaphiel carries with her the most precious item in all of heaven.
  • Sumzal, The Sun Wing

    Sumzal, The Sun Wing

    The dragon of hope, Sumzal carries the sun across the sky during the day and during the night loves to enjoy his free time with merrymaking, drinking and playing tricks in the form of a mortal. He is the dragon of the sun, trickery, and life.
  • Ten Bottles

    Ten Bottles

    An ancient human of well over 300 years, Ten Bottles wonders the wildernesses of the world collecting rare herbs to complete his destiny to create the elixir of life, which will give immortality to it's drinker.
  • The Holy Patrol

    The Holy Patrol

    A group of like-fated men who quest eternally against evil. They are led by the Stone Knight through every land and dream of one day killing Xosar and stopping death.
  • The Ilium

    The Ilium

    A prison which no creature has ever escaped from and only the worst are kept.
  • The Meek

    The Meek

    As a race, the meek are small and frail but possess minds adept at engineering and building. The meek are often the target of both brutal raids and stalwart protection from the "larger" races
  • The Pixie

    The Pixie

    This race is beyond old and the first sentient people created by the angels to walk the face of Mythia
  • The Sea Banshee

    The Sea Banshee

    The scourge of night-sailing ships everywhere, the Sea Banshee's legend grows with each vessel it drags beneath the waves.
  • The Stone Wolf

    The Stone Wolf

    The Stone Wolf used to be a sight to be feared by the corrupt and immoral. Living in the wild lands, he swore to keep watch on those who used civilization's bounty for their own selfish gains. That was, until his wife was killed.
  • The Tassasque

    The Tassasque

    This monstrous beast wakens once every few thousand years and causes the world to unite in order to defeat it.
  • The Tower of Monsters

    The Tower of Monsters

    One of the most terrible dungeons on Ignos, the tower of monsters is hard enough to enter, and nearly impossible to reach the top of.
  • The Wazalak

    The Wazalak

    The keeper of time in Mythia, the Wazalak is a unique beast that dwells in the spaces in-between spaces.
  • The Wood Guard

    The Wood Guard

    A creature carved out of the living wood of an iron-wood tree and animated by the will of fate the Wood Guard was the hero made to save a land from a terrible poisonous dragon.
  • The World Dragons

    The World Dragons

    The world dragons are mighty dragons who are intimately tied to the world of Mythia, holding in their hands some of it's most core attributes.
  • Ukil, The Black King of Vars

    Ukil, The Black King of Vars

    Ukil is a litch that rules over the wintry land of Vars. He commands his people with an iron grip. In his long rule the citizens of Vars have become too afraid to rise up and are trapped by the killing frosts.
  • Uriel, Guard of Truth

    Uriel, Guard of Truth

    Uriel is a warrior angel who created the ideals of chivalry and was the blueprint for the Goliath race. He never removes any piece of his armor which was forged upon his skin at the beginning of heaven's formation.
  • Vermin Lord

    Vermin Lord

    This ghastly undead roams the Ten-Thousand Thorns Marsh. Those unlucky enough to encounter him whisper that he can control the very trees and beasts of the foul bog, though his favorite minions are the rats and other vermin.
  • Walks No Roads

    Walks No Roads

    A honey-badger squirrel mix of Hengeyokai known as a Keek-Pa. Walks no Roads is named for his fate. The young warrior seeks to prove his worth.
  • Westerin Fere

    Westerin Fere

    The greatest sword-wielder on Ignos, Westerin is extremely arrogant about her abilities.
  • Xosar, Death's Doorway

    Xosar, Death's Doorway

    The dragon of death, Xosar is evil infused into bone and bite. She wishes death to all but her duty keeps her confined to her place of power in the Umbral Dark. She is also the lord of destruction, torment, undeath and madness.
  • Yen-Jassi, Old Three Eye

    Yen-Jassi, Old Three Eye

    The dragon of fate, he alone translates the infinite vastness of fate and sends that information onto fortune readers. He is also the dragon of knowledge, justice and luck.
  • Yorpid, The Stone Behemoth

    Yorpid, The Stone Behemoth

    This long dormant construct once crawled out from under a mountain and spent nearly a century walking the surface of Ignos before whatever powered the creature gave out.
  • Zento, Emperor of Patavas

    Zento, Emperor of Patavas

    Deep under the ice, in one of the harshest areas in Mythia sits an empire ruled by a stalwart gnome who is molded from both the brightness of the light and the power of the darkness
  • Zithirid, the Fate Weaver

    Zithirid, the Fate Weaver

    This paragon of the illithid race is a being of incredible power and psionic ability. The most terrible of all his powers is the ability to twist a persons fate to his own ends.