Mythia, Land of Destiny

Enter the Heroes

1-12-14, Mission 1

We open with a short blurb on what each character is doing when fate shatters.

-Aries is fighting a challenge against an invading warlord named Tyramthacor

-Ronan is fighting a corrupt sea-captain from Praag when the inconceivable happens, and he is knocked from his boat, defeated in battle, and then captured, all in one afternoon.

-Zento is leading a fight against agents of the darkness near his city of Pavatas, when the winter dragon Latus cuts through the ice and nearly destroys his capital.

-Juniper finished aiding one of her champions, one Nola Embermist in defeating an evil wraith lord and then returned to The Cottage and was looking at one of her magic mirrors when it, mirroring fate, shatters.

We skip forward a few days to a meeting of Ignos’s rulers gathered in the Praagian castle. The leaders of Laan-Tarun, the seven kings of Praag, one of the leaders of Kahira (the human one), the leader of Absalom, Pazzx the Messenger, Harper the Bold, The Archangel Raphael, and Juniper acting as the representative of The Godmothers are meeting to decide what to do about this catastrophe. Harper‘s team is to go to the Illium (the great prison that houses some of the worst villains of Ignos) to make sure no trouble erupts from there. The meeting is to decide on the team that is going to be sent to solve the mystery of fate’s breaking. After some bickering about biases between cities and an effort to be fair, Raphael suggests an outside party decide and then Harper nominates The Godmothers, which puts Juniper as the deciding factor. She insists that if she is to do this, no one can interfere with her choices.

Juniper is left alone in the room to work her magic. She casts the second most powerful wish in history, combined with a healthy dose of magic, and her own personal seer abilities, to pull the jagged shards smooth so that she might see the reflections of the people best suited to the task at hand. She sees the faces and learns the names of five individuals. Only one is unknown to her, and all but one comes as a surprise. Praag’s great champion, Aries, is no shock. The next was the emperor of the distant gnomish kingdom of Patavas, Zento. One of the head turners was the “honorable” though disreputable King of Pirates, Ronan. Even more surprising was the addition of a young meek named Might Be A Hero. Though the one that caused Juniper the most discomfort was hearing her own name and seeing her own face as she was scrying.

She proceeded to the hall where the rest of the meetings attendees were waiting, and inform them of her choices, excluding for the time being her own name. Each of the people were brought in and informed what was going on, and introductions were made. Aries was simple as he was already working for Praag and the kings need only ask him. Zento would have to be tracked down first and contacted, but as luck or, perhaps fate? would have it, he was already in Praag, having left his kingdom for the first time ever on a mission to establish trade contracts, or so he says. No one had any clue who Might Be A Hero was, let alone where he was located so people were sent out to search for him. Ronan Ironhand was easy to locate, as he was currently languishing in the dungeons of Praag, but convincing him would be the more challenging part… in the end after some coaxing by our resident godmother, the Praagian Kings offered to recognize Ronan as an official king, setup trade, and release his boat and crew. Ronan also insisted that he be announced to which they hastily and hilariously comply. Juniper also reveals that she is to be the fifth member when the problem of transportation is brought up. As everyone starts to take their leave, Raphael suggests we start our quest with the one at the center of fate, Yen-Jassi. Also Pazzx assigns himself as our groups personal messenger, he gives a coin to the group which Hero takes.

The group then went into preparation mode. Aries took Hero to get better equipped in the armory and while there it comes out that Aries adventured with Hero’s grandfather when he was young. Zento soon follows them. The gnome and the half-elf went about assuaging there worries about the meeks abilities and checked to see if he could actually hold his own. Zento and Hero spar and the two are pleasantly surprised with his abilities with the staff. (as a note, Zento notes that Hero’s staff is made of iron-wood) Ronan then proceeded to empty out the entire Praagian armory, as the kings said we could take whatever we needed and he took them at their word… He then had it all loaded onto his magical ship, the Winsome Wench. The ship has several magical properties: larger on the inside, the ability to shrink small enough to fit into a pocket (including all people and cargo on board at the time of shrinking), it can split into four smaller boats enabling it to travel on smaller waterways. Hero goes with him to his boat at the river, the other two make their own preparations. Juniper took care of all the other provisions and asked each of the group to please meet her at a specific address, that of the Godmother’s Praagian Chapter House.

All the other members of the group arrive near the same time. Ronan, several of his crew, and Hero arrive together and Hero is surprised to meet his uncle God (Will Eventually Be A Godmother, God for short) at the door. God is a meek Godmother who works in the city’s Chapter House. Aries arrives and shortly after, Zento and his gnome caravan follow. All are shown to Juniper‘s office. In fitting with the campaign’s ongoing theme, the house is quite a bit larger on the inside.

After arriving in the office, the group discusses what the plan should be. Juniper brings out a huge map and we figure out the route to take. It is decided we will travel to Kahira, and from there travel up-river, via Ronan‘s ship, past the Brokenspear Plains, Ignis’s Arm, and through the Crystal Lake. Then, we will travel overland through the Crystal Forest to the very center where Yen-Jassi makes his lair. Our goal is to go to the Dragon of Fate and see what has become of him and what he knows.

We decide to head out immediately (after Zento sorts out his gnomes, only bringing a few with him and leaving the rest of Praag). We travel up far too many stairs for a three story building to a nondescript wooden door that leads to the attic. Juniper has everyone hold hands to pass through the door. Before we enter though Aries‘s mount, Shadow (a shadow dragon) crawls out of his shadow as the door is enchanted to block infiltration among other things. People are startled. On the other side of the door is an empty wooden attic with only a large free-standing mirror in the center of the room. Still holding hands, we all walk through the mirror and end up much to everyone’s surprise, in Kahira’s Chapter House.

From there, we travel through the city, stopping for some street food along the way, and go to the river where Ronan tosses his tiny ship out on the water. It splits into four small river vessels which we board.

We travel up river for five days (gaining 1 chaos point). Juniper spends the time getting to know all the people on the boats. Ronan is managing the running of the vessels, Aries is relaxing, Zento mostly mingles with the gnomes and Hero talks to everyone who will listen.

On the fifth day, we approach a small village on the left bank of the river and from out of the water in front of it rises a huge dragon eel, which are NOT normally seen in rivers, especially not this far inland. Accompanying it are several merfolk who Ronan recognizes as a northern ice clan from near Pendulum. We decide to investigate further as, again it is weird for them to be so far inland. We enter battle, a merfolk Barron named Saarkrith (who Ronan recognizes) is leading the raiders. After a harrowing skirmish, we capture the Barron alive. They seemed to be after several kegs of dwarven black powder. We cut to black as the battle ends (and lose a chaos point)…

Notable people and places
- Praag, Laan-Tarun, Absalom, Kahira: major cities of Ignos that had representatives present for the meeting.
- The “Voice” in Aries‘s head: serious and stern voice in Aries’s mind
- Captain Savok: A Praagian ship captain who is a bit of a dick, the guy who brought Ronan into Praag and took a key from around his neck. There are people looking for his whereabouts to retrieve the key.
- Master Frug: One of Zento‘s people.
- Pazzx: A goblin-like messenger who assigned himself exclusively to our party to deliver all of our mail.
- Zithirid: A powerful mindflayer from the Umbral Dark who fought Zento, he manipulates peoples fate.
- Harper: A famous champion of Praag who leads a band of heroes.
- Oppd: One of Harper’s band, he carries a barrel of arrows on his back and is an extremely fast and accurate shot. He is very plain and unlikely looking hero.
- Red Chaos: another of Harper‘s crew, he is a total player.
- Leslie Lightwarden: Harper’s niece and one of his crew. She and Aries are apparently in some sort of romantic relationship.
- Latus: The winter dragon. She is the one who breaks the ice around Ignos.
- The Seven Kings of Praag: 1) Kodan- War (Ursen)
2) Tryel- People (Human)
3) Resium- Works (Dwarf)
4) Jasirid- Coin (Halfling)
5) Noctel- Festivities (Elf)
6) Borus- Justice (Dray)
7) Imanstanus- Laws (Deva)
-Nicholi Azalanti: kind of a snotty king of Absalom
-Moven: one of the two rulers of Kahira, the human one. Strongly respects the Angels’ opinions.
-The Council of Farm Warriors: the ruling council of Laan-Tarun. They wear ceremonial straw armor and carry ceremonial farm implement weapons.
-Archangel Raphael: heaven’s representative at the meeting.
-Winset: the hometown of Might Be A Hero. It is a small town located south of Cassadega between the Misty Valley and The Dragon Nails.
-Bartelby: one of Ronan‘s men, his second in command.
-Bigby: another of Ronan’s crew (helmsman?)
-Will Eventually Be A Godmother, aka God: a meek godmother who works in the Praagian Chapter House. Turns out to be Hero’s uncle.
-Annaliss: A pixie fairy godmother, Juniper’s right hand in the organization.
-Barron Saarkrith: A merfolk Barron of the northern ice clan who we capture at the end of the session.
-Always Healthy: Hero’s mom, she is a fate teller. (she is only mentioned by Hero, she does not appear)


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