Yorpid, The Stone Behemoth

This long dormant construct once crawled out from under a mountain and spent nearly a century walking the surface of Ignos before whatever powered the creature gave out.




Yorpid as it came to be called (the ancient dwarven word for city) one day for seemingly no reason rose out of the earth beneath the Sky Range and began walking about. Heroes and villains from all over Mythia came, climbed it and searched the ruins atop it’s back but none found more then the white dusty stone the construct was made of. No magical center, no psionic overlord laughing manically. Once Yorpid’s fate was told things got even stranger.
“Seek, find the perfect location. Let down your cargo and be finished.”
No person found anything worth carrying on Yorpid’s back and eventually generations passed and Yorpid was not so strange anymore, wondering slowly through the hills. Always it avoided settlements and stayed far into the wilds. Finally, after a very long time Yorpid finally stopped in a pristine glade and there it stands today, it’s fate gone.

Yorpid, The Stone Behemoth

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