Yen-Jassi, Old Three Eye

The dragon of fate, he alone translates the infinite vastness of fate and sends that information onto fortune readers. He is also the dragon of knowledge, justice and luck.


Power Level- 5 (Nearly Impossible)


Old Three Eye lives deep in a crystal forest in the center of Mythia. It is a dangerous wilderness in which he dwells alone. He lairs at the heart of the largest crystal tree, long dead. He himself is composed of crystal so clear that it mirrors his surroundings, making him all but invisible unless he wishes to be seen. He is the oldest and wisest of the World Dragons and has stood sentinel over the construction of fate since time began. It is guaranteed he will seek to repair the pieces of fate and bring back what once was. In person Yen Jassi is friendly and wise, the most charismatic of the world dragons by far. When roused to battle he fries his enemies with beams of powerful magic and uses his great size to crush his enemies to death.
The helmet he wears is a artifact of great power that bears his symbol, the all seeing third eye that gives him the sight into the beyond. Forged by his own hands and breath it is well know throughout the world and with it on, their is not a soul alive that isn’t awed in his presence.

Yen-Jassi, Old Three Eye

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