Xosar, Death's Doorway

The dragon of death, Xosar is evil infused into bone and bite. She wishes death to all but her duty keeps her confined to her place of power in the Umbral Dark. She is also the lord of destruction, torment, undeath and madness.


5- (Nearly Impossible)


Xosar is living death, not some once-living creature that was raised into undeath, but born from the evil of Mythia to lord over the underworld. She does not torment the souls of the good but shelters them to The Ever, the gateway to which is inside her crystal heart, in a unthinkable act of kindness for such a horrid creature. She is the gate-keeper, she alone determines the place souls that enter her lair will go next. For most it is on to The Ever itself, but for a few, she will give the soul to the angels to create another brother or sister angel, or keep it herself to insert into her undead creations, making a monstrosity for those who were monstrous in life. In battle Xosar spews filth and rends with her razor bone claws. She plays with her prey before delivering the first blow of a tortuously slow death. To the few who have spoken with Xosar she is either a genius or mad, spouting strange words which make a sort of sense only to the person she is speaking to.

Xosar, Death's Doorway

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