Westerin Fere

The greatest sword-wielder on Ignos, Westerin is extremely arrogant about her abilities.


4- (deadly)


Born to a noble house of Airspur it was clear at a young age that Westerin was a prodigy. From the sciences to swordplay, she was the best at everything she attempted. Her fate put her in an especially elite class as it promised her much.
“Greatness is created with a flick of her wrist, fame carved with the tip of a sword. In her hands the blade will sing, none shall match her form or ferocity. See in her eyes the desire, see in her heart the prize.”
As she grew, Westerin stood tall and always kept her chin high. Eventually that downward gaze turned to arrogance and superiority over everyone. Her father especially encouraged this frame of mind, telling the young woman that she was destined for a throne, or better. Though no throne has presented itself, Westerin firmly believes that in time all will see her as their better. The swordswoman has rarely spent an hour in practice, allowing her fate to guide her hand to perfection, and expecting nothing less.
Always watchful of opportunities to gain status and recognition, Westerin has become a true narcissist and clamors for words of praise and descriptions of her own grace.
Though not a champion of high moral standing, Westerin works in such circles and she seeks her fame through heroic action against the forces of evil.
In person Westerin is harsh and critical, demanding her level of proficiency from everyone she works with, even if they are incapable of such ability. She insults freely and is prone to giving up at the slightest problem which her own abilities cannot remove quickly.

Westerin Fere

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