Uriel, Guard of Truth

Uriel is a warrior angel who created the ideals of chivalry and was the blueprint for the Goliath race. He never removes any piece of his armor which was forged upon his skin at the beginning of heaven's formation.


4- (deadly)


Uriel is often called upon by noble warriors for blessings of protection and bravery when they enter the fray against evil. The stalwart angel acts as Michael’s guard and is one of the greatest swordsmen on Mythia. His flaming sword is a common symbol of knighthoods all over the world and is in-fact the sword used in the memorial of the first war.
Uriel’s fate makes him ideal for the position of guard.
“No lie shall pass by this watcher, his gaze sees all intent and purpose. His place is at the side of heaven’s keeper and once made, never shall he leave the misty gates.”
Since Uriel cannot leave heaven he is quite close with the majority of the heavenly host, forming a click-like brotherhood (which allows women as well) of friends who train and live near each-other. They are called the Host of Swords.
In person Uriel’s personality depends almost entirely on what he is doing. For his friends and members of the Host, he is warm and caring, most would even say they are not distracted by his constant wearing of armor (which he keeps on at all times because he could be called up to defend Michael at any time). When on guard duty he is the picture of silence and discretion, never uttering a word unless asked, and even then only as much as needed to answer the question. To outsiders he is excitable and often very curious as he has not left heaven’s gates in eons and wonders of the outside world.

Uriel, Guard of Truth

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