Ukil, The Black King of Vars

Ukil is a litch that rules over the wintry land of Vars. He commands his people with an iron grip. In his long rule the citizens of Vars have become too afraid to rise up and are trapped by the killing frosts.


Level 4- (Deadly)


Ukil Yabis was born a common citizen of Vars and was told at a young age that his fate would only reveal itself once he was dead, much to his horror. He lived in constant fear of this after-death and attempted to extend his life using extreme means. Perhaps it was a small piece of his fate that these magics warped his body to live on after death, or perhaps it had no effect at all. When Ukil died his body was laid to rest in a huge stone coffin and buried in the permafrost as was his will. It did not hold him. He rose again and the story goes that he walked into Vars and knocked seven times on the home of the most potent fortune teller. When she answered the door and she saw his horrible skeletal face with glowing red eyes she fell into a trance and spoke his fate from her unconscious state.
“He will close Vars in his black grip and winter will last forever while he sits on the throne. It shall not end till his secrets are gone and his bones are dust in the bitter wind.”
It has been guessed that the secrets are Ukil’s two phylacteries, but no one knows what they are and no one ever shall if Ukil has his way.

Ukil, The Black King of Vars

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