The World Dragons

The world dragons are mighty dragons who are intimately tied to the world of Mythia, holding in their hands some of it's most core attributes.


All world dragons are at least gargantuan in size but some are much larger then that.
All world dragons are Rank 5 (Near Impossible) which makes them the character’s level +5-9 solos. They are world-breaker (and a few are boss style) solos which means they change the battlefield in some manor when forced into combat. Many of the world dragons are highly intelligent and none is stupid. Xosar and Crator both possess armies of dragonborn soldiers who are loyal to them and them alone.


The world dragons are the only “gods” Mythia knows but they are not worshiped as the angels and Satan are. Though some primitive tribes (usually monster) will worship one, the dragon does not usually respond. Each of the world-dragons, at the end of the dragon-war, agreed to a pact that split Mythia up into large territories, each of which would be used as a lair (All except Kazor, who was left out). Of course other creatures share these lands with the dragons, but it is a crime for a world-dragon to cross into another’s territory uninvited. This rarely happens except for Kazor who crosses with impunity. The world dragons possess a great measure of control over the elemental forces of Mythia, with their lives being essential for continued status-quo and to avoid great catastrophe. For this and their near-infinite age they are venerated and their words respected even by the mightiest king. The world dragons are the mightiest creatures that dwell on Mythia itself.

The World Dragons

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