The Wood Guard

A creature carved out of the living wood of an iron-wood tree and animated by the will of fate the Wood Guard was the hero made to save a land from a terrible poisonous dragon.


4- (Deadly)


The Wood Guard is one of the few creatures ever made by fate itself. Brought to life spontaneously from a hunk of iron-wood that had been blasted three times by lightning at the same moment and fell away from it’s trunk. The burning hot wood rose up and stripped off all but his current form as slag, which he then used to form his armor plates. At first the Wood Guard was bound, and like a machine followed his fate to drive out the wicked dragon Uthguile the Venomous from Ignos’s Arm and it’s nearby cities and villages. Once the creature completed that fate however, he was released from fates grasp and allowed to find his own path. The Wood Guard found that he enjoyed the company of animals and people. He adopted a strange code which he lives by, defined partly by the interactions of wild animals and partly from that of sentient customs and practices. When threatened, no matter whether that creature is good or evil, the Wood Guard slays it with all his might. But when spoken to, the Wood Guard acts as he thinks a sentient warrior would, using chivalry and Crator’s code of honor as his guidelines. Though many would think the Wood Guard a menace for his unpredictable manors and bluntness, many would see him as a gentile giant that embodies everyone’s capability to be good.

The Wood Guard

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