The Wazalak

The keeper of time in Mythia, the Wazalak is a unique beast that dwells in the spaces in-between spaces.


4- (Deadly)


The Wazalak is a creature that is not fully understood. It’s fate is confusing and has been interpreted a thousand different ways.
“Yours are the arms of a clock that has no discernible rhythm. Watch one-eyed from a crack and be always on-time”
It is unknown where the Wazalak came from, with neither angels, Satan nor the world-dragons taking credit for it’s being. It’s visage can be terrifying and children often sing fanciable songs about it, even as they fear it crawling out from under their beds at night to age them into dust. The Wazalak carries a ever-ticking pocket watch with it, but it is said that it matches no other time clock on Mythia. Those few who has met the Wazalak say that it came out of nowhere and prepared a table for tea in an instant. It spoke to them about how long their current doings were going to take over a cup, then left under equally strange circumstances.

The Wazalak

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