The Tower of Monsters

One of the most terrible dungeons on Ignos, the tower of monsters is hard enough to enter, and nearly impossible to reach the top of.


Dungeon Rank- 5 (Adventurer killer)


The Tower of Monsters was once a wizards school where a terrible event occurred and fate saw fit to create a pit of fowl-spawned monsters right atop the students and faculty. Every wizard was killed save one whose fate would see him live forever. The poor soul was trapped in the top-most room of the tower where he could only watch with his own magic and study, recording the intimate details of monsters that would come and go from the tower, using it as a sort of communal lair. As the tower’s fate evolved, the top-most room eventually gained it’s own fate; to house all the knowledge concerning monsters. The poor wizard who could not die was commandeered by fate for this purpose and he spend centuries cataloging every detail of every fearsome creature ever spawned from magic or the darkness. Meanwhile the outside world grew curious about the tower and once a fortune-teller told it’s new fate, that it contained information about every monster in the world, the brave and stupid were lining up to attempt the feat, but few ever even made it across the huge chasm separating the tower from the continent. No force could fly in the hurricane winds hurtling about the tower, and those who were somehow able to get across were eaten or worse by the tower’s inhabitants. Eventually the tower’s fame grew and more foolhardy thrill-seekers attempted the tower’s danger, but none prevailed. It was not until the Tarrasque came once again to the world and for the first time Satan would not intervene on behalf of mortals, that the world turned it’s eyes to the tower. A group of the strongest adventurers of mixed races braved the tower’s depths and broke their way to the topmost room where they met the wizard and learned how to kill the beast without the cosmic level of power that Satan possessed. Those same heroes and a lone godmother struck the beast and sent it back to the depths of the world. The ancient wizard was rescued and fate finally allowed him to pass in peace; but in their rush, the adventurers left the vast majority of the knowledge in the highest room of the tower and there it waits until some other brave souls find it.

The towers fate is
“As small as a rat, as large as a dragon, all here shall fight to protect me, all here shall live along side. Come beast and bird, come reptile and darkness; I am your house.”
The top-most chamber’s fate is
“I shall contain all knowledge of monster. Their strengths and weaknesses shall be here for the taking. No monster shall enter this room.”

The Tower of Monsters

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