The Sea Banshee

The scourge of night-sailing ships everywhere, the Sea Banshee's legend grows with each vessel it drags beneath the waves.


Ship Combat- 4 (Deadly)


The tale of the Sea Banshee is one of tragedy and horror in ancient waters. The story goes that once the vessel was the flagship for the greatest navy the world had ever seen, back during the beginning of the age of heroes. The fleet was commissioned by the then ruler of Arigoth to protect from the constant merfolk attacks that were devastating her coastline. The fleet was so effective that it thwarted every major attack from the sea for a decade and the merfolk’s hatred of the ship knew no bounds. Hearing of this embarrassment, the emperor of the merfolk came himself to see the ship in action. When the cunning brute looked upon the ship he knew it could not be defeated by raids or the weak technology of the merfolk. Taking upon the magical guise of a beautiful man the merfolk ruler came ashore and with a grand necklace formed from the pearls of Angler-clams, he cast a powerful enchantment over the queen of Arigoth. He courted her and the two wed despite the most fervent warnings of her advisers. The night of their marriage the merfolk emperor convinced the queen to join him on the Sea Banshee and sail out far into the deep waters. He convinced the crew to take the ship to a endlessly strong slipstream created to crush the ship against the rocks of the Giant Steps, but miraculously the ship missed every island and large rock. The spell finally broken, the queen used a grappling hook to catch the escaping merfolk emperor in the belly and reeled him in. She took a cutlass to him and eventually cut off his head.
With all the crew’s experience and might they could not stop or even slow down the ship, that was speeding ever faster towards doom. After nearly a day of torturous speeds, the Banshee broke apart at the hull and the men and women of the crew were bloodied against the water and drowned. The merfolk empress was enraged by the death of her husband and would not let the matter rest. She went to sight of the destroyed ship and laid a terrible curse upon its remains.
That curse became the ships fate.
“Scream! Scream like you have a trident in your heart. Haunt the waters, kill the land-folk and tear them apart!.”

The Sea Banshee

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