The Pixie

This race is beyond old and the first sentient people created by the angels to walk the face of Mythia


See Pixie race description in the book. The only differences are that instead of insect wings the pixies possess wings of sparkling magic and their eyes glow like Eladrins in the book.


Pixies in Mythia are creatures of magic, created by Satan himself in the beginning. They were made to guide the other races to grow with grace and knowledge and to ensure they made as few mistakes as possible in their youth. To this end, the angels created the Fey-veil, a huge land-mass separated from Mythia proper by an invisible barrier so the pixies would be able to remain neutral and maintain a holistic viewpoint. All was going well before the First War began and destroyed the pixies homes in the fey-veil. All but one of the oldest pixies were killed by the darkness and their race entered a new age of hiding. Fearful of past events the pixies walled themselves off from the new budding races and acted only lightly as the guides they were meant to be. The pixie race never truly recovered from their initial losses and still the race’s numbers remain only a few thousand strong. Though they did eventually recover the fey-veil thanks to the efforts of a champion of their race they were unable to take their full intended place as the advisers to the world and left that job instead to the Godmothers.
To be a pixie in the modern age is to be almost a myth. The race is so rare that few people even think they still exist at all.

The Pixie

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