The Mercurian Sorceress


3- (Potent foe)
Wearing the Mask, 4- (Deadly)


The Mercurian Sorceress is known to be a native to the Black Kingdom of Vars; one of the few ever to escape the wretched winter-locked island. In fear of retribution she took on her current title and has not used her name since she left. At a young age the sharp woman learned she had a gift with the wintry magic of the shrouded kingdom and used that power to escape, freezing the waves till she was far away enough to hail a ship. Since coming to Ignos proper The Mercurian Sorceress never has spoken of her time in Vars except to ask for help from several kings and champions to break Ukil’s icy grip over her people. Kings say they cannot interfere with another sovereign kingdom, and any champion that has tried never returns. It is rumored that The Mercurian Sorceress has taken a vow to hone her magic enough where she herself can return and free her people, though it is doubtful even in her mind. The pail-skinned elf does not feel the cold no matter how bitter, and carries a silver mask that is said to contain the wisdom of the ancient kings of Vars, stolen from Ukil’s treasure vault. With the mask on she becomes a force of great magic and a powerful warrior able to freeze whole lakes and villages into crystalline statues. The Mercurian Sorceress has been a force for good in the world since her escape, but requests a fee for her good deeds so she can one day return with an army at her back to claim her home.
In person The Mercurian Sorceress is smart and lovely, a warm heart rests beneath her icy skin and her natural charisma has driven the bold to attempt the frozen northern island, but to no avail.
Strangely enough The Mercurian Sorceress’s fate has nothing to do with her current quest and instead is rather unimportant, and already complete. “Your smile will cause a love that will end in tears.”

The Mercurian Sorceress

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