The Holy Patrol

A group of like-fated men who quest eternally against evil. They are led by the Stone Knight through every land and dream of one day killing Xosar and stopping death.


One member 1- (Lesser ascended)
The Stone Knight 3- (Potent Foe)
The Legion 5- (Nearly impossible)


The Holy Patrol’s numbers are ever-fluctuating but they sit currently at 512 ascended who are fated as a group like beasts. They are led by the Stone Knight, a higher ascended who sets their path and possesses an eagle which tells his men his location by flying high in the air and crying for all to hear. The members of the Holy Patrol come from differing cities and are different races and skill sets. All are fated to be dedicated to the cause of killing evil wherever it may dwell and they all dream of one day killing Xosar, deaths door and being rid of death forever. Each member reaches puberty before their fate calls them to leave their homes and family to go and join the patrol. They wonder unerringly towards the main group and eventually trial and join, marked for their endless quest by tattoo of an eagle upon their chest. The Holy Patrol attempts to be self-sufficient. The older members seem to develop the ability to ignore eating, drinking and sleeping but they still need food for the young. They commonly ask cities and villages for shelter in exchange for a sweep of the surrounding lands for monsters and evil. They perform exorcisms and rites of cleansing for donations when they are needed. After one night they always leave and travel elsewhere on the hunt. It is common for groups to travel in sizes of 10 and up, sometimes gathering the whole legion against a terrible foe. The members of the Holy Patrol are brave, and care little for their own lives if it can be given to a good cause. They will drive endlessly at a dangerous foe, dying in the dozens before one strikes a killing blow. The stone knight, as their leader only fights against the most hideous foes but has a special place in his heart for killing servants of death, such as undead and devils.
All members of the legion share one fate.
“You will take your greatest weapon and leave your life behind to join with the legion. You will die in the name of good and shall strike a blow against evil.”
Most families consider their child being fated to join the patrol as a terrible fate, but some feel a great pride in it.

The Holy Patrol

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