A ancient race born near the Beginning by the world dragons to council those races to come. They failed.


See the book description of the dragon born


The dragon born were the world dragon’s response to the Pixie race. When the angels announced their intentions to start creating sentient people the world dragons spoke their dislike of the idea but eventually the pixies were touted as the solution to the problem; a race that would guide the others to come and keep them from chaos and war. The world dragons were nervous about a race the angels made guiding more races the angels made and decided that their stern hand was needed to create a people that would serve as an alternative to the pixies for the dragon’s way of thinking. The dragon born were that race. The race was designed to be a powerful specimen that would act as a hands-on instructor and representative of the dragons among the coming races. Though never as long-living as the pixies, they were infinitely stronger and their large size made them intimidating. Their birth rates were also far higher then their small counter-race so their numbers would eventually soar.
The dragon born were the first to create monarchies and were led by strong kings in the beginning, but always looked to the world dragons to guide their path forward as powerful overlords. The race did not suffer the devastating losses that the pixies did during the first war but were highly divided as almost every world-dragon possessed their own unique clan that was distinct from the others, causing isolationism that was not helped in the least by the danger inherent in trusting strangers during the first war. This effect caused the clans to begin infighting long before the first war ended. That era just after the first war defined the dragon born forever. The world dragons began to skirmish over territory since they were now stuck on a single land-mass where their had once been many. The dragon born fought for their overlords, but only to scare off others and never in major battles until Kazor took a devastating step with his own dragon born. He changed his clan’s makeup so future dragon born would be born without the innate higher intellect and wisdom that was to make them future leaders, and instead replaced those qualities with increased fury and strength, making incredible warriors. After just one generation he struck with his powerful army in an attempt to wrest control of the prime land from the other dragons. With his new changed dragon born (called dray) he cut a swath through the wiser and less battle-born clans and an arm’s race began on the dray genes to create a perfect warrior. As more and more of the admirable traits were removed from the race to create the perfect warrior the dray lost their original purpose and the dragon war began in earnest. The dray died in the millions for their masters as the dragons rained fire from the sky and burned the world. For generations war was all the race knew and not the pixies nor the angels could stop them. The dragons with their inherent arrogance saw their people now as living weapons and treated them as such.
When the dragon war finally ended with the dragon-pact the race was shambles of itself and it took dozens of generations to come to a spark of their former glory, but the damage had been done. No longer was the race fit to lead the budding races of the world, but only to warn them of following their own path.
Some dray are still fanatically loyal to their dragon, but cross-breading and deep mistrust from some dray keeps them at arms length of their former masters. The race is now renowned for their strength and loyalty.
In the current age Dray are widely spread and modern. Long gone are the days of suspicion and hatred that defined the early dragon born. Dray fight a constant war between their roots of oppression and battle, and their future in which they face the fact that they could have been so much more.


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