The Tassasque

This monstrous beast wakens once every few thousand years and causes the world to unite in order to defeat it.


10 (World Quaking Terror)- Seriously, Satan himself couldn’t take down this thing alone.


The unstoppable Tarrasque has woken a handful of times in Mythia’s past and each time it takes the effort of the whole world to bring it down. A natural disaster on a scale that effects every city, organization, dragon, angel and devil. The first time it took a heroic party braving the Tower of Monsters to learn how to defeat the terrible beast. Even with that information now stored away in vast libraries throughout the world, it is always a momentous effort to drive the beast back to it’s lair in the world’s heart.
If their is one unique thing about a Tarrasque attack, it is that it has the effect of enemies putting aside their differences to fight side by side, as this unthinking, all consuming horror has no allies, and no agenda anyone wants.
It is thought that the Tarrasque first spawned when the mists were cleared from Mythia’s surface for the first time when the World Dragons and Arch-Angels arrived and there it grew in the budding world.
The Tassasque is not massive in comparison to the largest dragons (it is quite dwarfed by Crator) and it is not made tough by it’s fate, but it is nearly unstoppable for reasons that sages, wizards and wise-men have puzzled over for generation after generation. Because of the tower of monsters it is known that only weapons with a “vorpal” edge can harm the monster and that few but the most potent magics can penetrate it’s thick hide. It cannot be stunned, put to sleep, slowed or transformed. Ice does not put it into hibernation and fire does not burn it (even hellfire). The most terrible thing about the Tassasque is that it adapts to any given situation and retains the previously gained abilities to deal with hardship forever. By now it is known that the Tassasque can fly, breath a breath of denigrating acid, bite through a block of Mithral, take several blows from Crator’s fist, teleport miles at a time, breath underwater and survive an erupting volcano. It heals with unbelievable speed and only a strike to the beasts exposed heart and a powerful wish can send it back to rest.
The creature’s fate says it all.
“Consume, destroy and change. Time matters not, the fight is endless.”

The Tassasque

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