Selaphiel, Guard of Hope

The creator of the lesser members of the heavenly host, Selaphiel carries with her the most precious item in all of heaven.


5- (Nearly Impossible)


Selaphiel is responsible for the future of the angelic race as she carries with her the crystal known as “Heaven’s Face” which she uses to turn heroic mortal souls into new angels. Thought to be one of the oldest creatures in Mythia (though no one is sure) Selaphiel is well known to every angel in heaven and though she does not have any duties of leadership, war or direct dealings with the light of heaven, every angel would die to protect her and the item she carries from the enemies of the host. By herself Selaphiel is the most potent warrior in the modern heavenly host, and was second only ever to Satan in the memory of angels. She wields a legendary spear called the Golden Shard which once pierced Xosar’s side and drew the only drops of blood ever drawn from the death’s doorway by a non-dragon.
Selaphiel does not possess a halo nor wings. It is thought that she may come from an older design of the angelic race. Her wings are billows of smoke that spring from her cape and, though she is not as fast as other angels, she is more steady in the air by far.
“You are mother to the light, sister to the warrior, daughter to time. Your vigilance is always and your child fragile.”
Selaphiel’s fate is strangely worded but not so strangely as to rouse comparisons to the creatures of darkness.
In person Selaphiel is quite and reserved, she speaks rarely and no one expects her to. Other angels treat her as if she is infirm and help her do routine tasks. She allows these moments of aiding until she is required to act at which time a storm of fury or energy surrounds her and she accomplishes great feats in a matter of seconds. Selaphiel almost never leaves heaven and never with the “face”. She only trusts a few beings with it’s safekeeping, almost all of them arch-angels.

Selaphiel, Guard of Hope

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