Satan, the Eternal Morningstar

The absolute ruler of hell, enemy of the angels and lord of the dammed.


Power Level- 6 (Alone at the Top), Satan is a solo of the character’s level +10. He is both a world-breaker and a boss style solo. It is never expected in the campaign for the party to need to fight Satan.


The Morningstar, the Fallen, Pale Devil, Lord of Hell, Master of the Pit. Satan has existed since the beginning and his tale is as long and illustrious as one would expect. Scholars have devoted their whole carriers to cataloging his decisions and battles. He is mysterious even as his actions have enormous consequences for the world at large. He is the sole angel in the midst of endless devils who obey his commands both out of love and fear. He is perhaps the single most powerful entity in the universe; within perhaps an even higher class then the world-dragons themselves.

Once near the beginning he was the commander of all angels, shaping reality into what exists today right along side the world-dragons but it is said that his desire became too great and he sought to become the ruler of all. He was defeated by the combined might of the dragons and other angels and thought dead; his body was cast down into the pit to remain in eternal rest. But he did not stay dead and rose again, gaining power over the legions of the pit which spawned from his will and hate. It has been countless eons since then and he still watches the world, waiting for his chance to come again. To rise up and bring down all who would keep their boot on his neck. Satan’s fate is well known and can be seen in every church devoted to his name, scrawled upon the alter.
“He will lead the legion, bring fire to man and rule in the shadow of the world. His time of demise is oblivion and his light will shine over the brightest star.”

Satan, the Eternal Morningstar

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