Salt, The Ocean's Heart

The dragon of secrets, she traverses the infinite ocean and gathers all it's treasures to herself. She is the dragon of the sea, change, storm and freedom.


5- (Nearly Impossible)


Salt is indeed a unique beast. She rarely ventures onto the shores, being in every way made for the water. She is a size-shifter with her largest form being larger then the most monstrous kraken and her smallest would make a plankton seem gigantic. She craves secrets dropped into her blue sea and seeks mystery on each island and coral reef. Her quest is endless and always shifting from one place to the next. Salt’s fated duty is to use her great powers to create the tides that swirl about Mythia. When stirred to battle she prefers her magic and psychic abilities to physical fighting. If she had her choice she would never need to stop her seeking for any reason and could ignore the other responsibilities given to her, but when called to duty she is stoic and sharp-witted; obviously showing her displeasure at being taken from what she enjoys.

Salt, The Ocean's Heart

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