Red Chaos

An old traveling companion of Harper the Bold, Red Chaos was burned by acid and left horribly scared by Abbadon. His fate makes him one of the most devious champions on Ignos.


4- (Deadly)


The Red Chaos was always a necessary part of Harper’s traveling company. The two were linked at the hip since they were 20 and competed against each other in the finals of a major yearly tournament in which Chaos won, though obviously outmatched. He caused Harper to laugh so hard that he was able to knock him out with a single uppercut to the chin. Red Chaos used to go by the name of Timothy Banally before he and Harper encountered Abbadon, the lord of the night. The deadly vampire captured Timothy and tortured him with acid, attempting to find out information about Harper’s whole company, their strengths and weaknesses (who were the foremost champions in their day). Harper and the rest of his crew came to the rescue, but not before Timothy’s face had been mostly melted into a mask of terror. Taking on the name Red Chaos (due to his fate) Timothy joked that at least now he could stop fighting off both the girls and the bad-guys at the same time. Never missing a beat the ranger took back up his place at Harper’s side. Red Chaos’s fate always has made him a particularly frustrating enemy for many of the evil planners Harper’s crew fought.
“No mind shall think of you, you are a figment and forgotten. You are the missing piece to a full puzzle.”
No creature, no matter how cunning or devious can take Red Chaos into account when going into battle against more then just him alone. It is difficult to remember Chaos if you have not known him for years and he was equally as much a player as Harper, but far better at not gaining a reputation for it.

Red Chaos

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