Raphael, Guard of Knowledge

Raphael is at heart a seeker of knowledge who uses his gathered intelligence to aid the community of light and justice he has built up over the centuries.


Level 3-(Potent Foe)


Raphael acts as the leader of heavens intelligence group, the Seekers of Knowledge. As such he possesses a particular brand of curiosity, genius, and assessment capabilities that are unrivaled among the heavenly host. Part super-spy, part divine tutor Raphael has been the adviser behind every major decision in Heaven since the Beginning. It was he who commissioned the Light Golems during the first war, he who counselled the angels to remain absent from the Dragon Wars, and he who has propped up Michael as leader of the angels for the past centuries. Raphael is an expert healer and is said to be able to cure any illness or remove any curse though his fate would not tell you that. Raphael’s fate has been much discussed since the angel released the knowledge to the general populaces of Mythia decades ago.
“Form his mouth issues the wisdom of ages, from his eyes shine the light of knowledge, from his heart comes the love eternal.”
Raphael is almost never seen without his staff which is permanently ablaze with white fire. His halo is a ring of silver marked with the many symbols of think-tanks and agencies to which the angel belongs.
In person Raphael is concise and helpful, able to come to the point of something almost too soon, he has been said to greatly enjoy close friendships with many creatures throughout Mythia, and is said to have tea every Tuesday with the Wazalak.

Raphael, Guard of Knowledge

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