Ragul, Guard of Justice

Ragul is one of the few angel wizards. He acts as judge for the heavenly host, deciding the punishment heaven should deal out for wrong-doings.


3- (Potent Foe)


Ragul is a old soul who spends much of his time not in heaven, but in Kahira, City of Mysteries giving out wisdom to mortals at the many temples. He is a sage and considered one of the most influential men in the world. Flocks of common folk turn out for his lectures on the nature of good and dealing with the evil and randomness of Mythia. Ragul is responsible for almost the entirety of commonly accepted philosophical schools in Ignos and has written countless vast tomes on the nature of mortality, morals and choice in a world of fate. Ragul occasionally turns his attentions onto the magical stage where he crafts new rituals and collaborates to discover new paths of magical study with countless colleges.
In heaven Ragul is considered an expert on mortals and commonly asked his opinion of a specific change in policy or if a specific move will aid the communities of Mythia in the way the angels hope it will. He is an anthropologist of mortals. Because of this close connection to people, Ragul is often the face of heaven, while Michael is the bright ideal people consider the power of heaven.
In person Ragul is a stern-faced angel who appears older then many of his kin. He speaks slowly and carefully but passionately about the world and understands a great many topics intimately. He is a pleasure to speak to or listen to, but he is often mocking of those who choose ignorance to wisdom, who try to spare themselves pain by ignoring suffering.
Ragul’s fate is
“The gavel is yours. Bring justice to all.”
He determines the measure of response from heaven (the question of whether their is to be a response is Michael’s duty) for crimes against humanity and other peoples. If a specific people grow too powerful or make a grab for power, it is often Ragul who chooses how heaven acts.

Ragul, Guard of Justice

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