Potjack, the half-ogre

Potjack is a huge creature with a short temper and unearthly strength that is fated to have no limit. He commonly works as a lowlife mercenary.


4 (deadly)


This monstrosity of a mercernary sells his crushing grasp to the highest bidder and few jobs are below his status, as long as the buyer pays in gold nuggets. He is just as likely to be found terrorizing an old woman into paying a “protection” fee as he is to be found on the battlefield crushing the bones of soldiers.
Potjack is dimwitted but cruel and a more then capable fighter who is often found fighting the greatest warriors on Mythia. Potjack’s fate ensures his spot at the top of the warrior ascended echelon.
“His hands will crush, his feet will stomp, the earth will shutter when comes Potjack. No wall will stop him, no shield will protect from his blows. He will sunder 100,000 souls with his final blow.”
How Potjack came to be is a mystery with rumors abounding. Some say he was the true union of a ogress and a human, others say that it was a magical accident gone wrong. Whatever the case, most think the world would be better without this half-beast on the lose.

Potjack, the half-ogre

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