Pit is a sorcerer of great power and evil who crafts careful plans to dominate Mythia. He will go further then anyone else to discover untapped power and magic.


5- (Nearly Impossible)


Pit is one of the greatest magic users in Mythia and one of the most feared names. He is reviled and vilified for numerous reasons, but chief among them is that his magic comes from the blackest sources and his disturbing willingness to do anything to gain the upper hand. The story goes that Pit was taken to a fortune teller at the age of six by his parents but the young boy took control of the poor tellers mind and forced her to speak joyous tidings to his parents. After the telling, the poor woman soon died mysteriously. Believing that their child would one day become a great wizard, Pit’s parents sent him to the most prestigious schools of magic, where he showed great adeptness at the art. It wasn’t until one of his teachers noticed Pits after-hours studying and saw one of his journals that someone began to question his fate to be a great force for good. In secret the wizard called for a telling on Pit and his true fate was revealed.
“He shall wrack the land with devastation and plague. Mythia shall revile his name and curse the day of his birth. He shall speak only the truth but his hands shall become black with death. He will break the mirror and shatter the crown”
The teacher quickly gathered his kin and together they went to capture Pit, but he was gone. His campaign against Mythia began at the age of 18 and has not stopped since. Pits skin was turned coal black sometime near his twentieth birthday. Popular opinion is that he infused his form with dark magic to both make himself physically tougher, and to prevent mind-influencing magic.


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