Pazzx the Messenger

Pazzx is not of any race, but one of the mysterious messengers who act as transporters of important mail throughout Mythia. He is also the leader of said organization and renound as the fastest creature in all of Mythia


?- Unknown (Pazzx has never fought a battle, only run from them)


It is said that Pazzx can run faster then a bolt of lightning and had he the mind, could reach even the most fortified areas in the world. When he runs the wind howls near him and blows down those he passes. When he stops a huge boom strikes the air like thunder and has been known to knock the frail out. He delivers at all times; in the middle of war, fire storms, on erupting volcanoes, in the middle of the ocean, out on the devil ice, in the kingdom of Vars, no matter the place Pazzx can get there and get out again. The messengers are unsung heroes who allow the daily lives of kings and the ascended to get along without undue discomfort of traveling across the world to say a few words. They connect to special routs and deliver to anyone who may be along that rout. They also carry 10 special coins that are enchanted with powerful magic. If they hand such a coin to a person, the messenger can tell where that person is at all times and is summoned by their desires. Long ago the messangers took a non-intervention pact and do not help people physically, even when it is in their power to do so, but they will deliver any message no matter how unimportant (which is it’s own sort of help).
Even messengers are not omni-present and can become held up, especially when they need to eat and rest, which can take up to a week of downtime to become rejuvenated. Few ever attack messengers for they do not usually take sides, and will deliver messages for the good as well as the evil. Each side stays their weapons because to loose the help of the messengers is usually a death sentence in a conflict anyway. Though some hate the group for their willingness to help even those they consider evil, they only complain quietly and when one is not around. A messenger has taken a blood pact never to reveal the source of mail, or any information about it at all, nor to allow their mail to fall into the hands of all except the intended receiver.
The group has many secrets and the process to become one is difficult and long. Few know the inner workings of messenger magic and how they are able to run so fast, but they accept any creature willing to carry the load and keep their secrets.
In person Pazzx is unusually patient for a messenger and bluntly honest. He sees the world in a very neutral tone, uncommon for an ascended. The other messengers speak of Pazzx like a legend to be aspired to. The creature himself loves his job and would never want another calling.
“Speed the middle road on legs of lightning, cross the sea of flags and colors. The written word is your guide, live your life free.”

Pazzx the Messenger

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