Oppd is a rather uninspiring figure with inspiring capabilities. One of the greatest archers in Mythia, Oppd is a long-time member of Harper's adventuring crew.


Up close- 1 (lesser ascended)
Far away- 4 (Deadly)


Oppd always lacked the natural charisma of his two male companions in Harper’s company, but he was a well-liked and respected member of the team regardless. Oppd was knighted by the king of Praag about two decades ago for heroic action in the service of his city. That gained the attention of Harper and his friends, who invited Oppd along with them on a journey. The large man proved himself capable and became fast friends with the many of them. Oppd is a man who enjoys the comfortable things in life but has a firm sense of duty that never lets him turn away from trouble. He is friendly and kind with a ogre’s face and ham-fists. Without fate Oppd would have been a butcher like his father, but instead he is one of the most fearsome archers in the world.
“Your arrows will fly fast as the flies wing beats. Not wind nor dark shall fell your shot, it shall hit it’s mark.”
With the speed granted to him by fate, Oppd must carry a whole barrel of arrows on his back in order to not run out. He launches whole volleys in a second, felling dozens of men in full battle armor.
Oppd is the second youngest of Harper’s company at only 38 years and was merely a boy when first taken under the legends wing.


Ascended Gunthru