Myrbbin, the Wizard in the Tower

The quintessential wizard in the tower, Myrbbin's fate allows him to know all things while asleep.


2- (Common Ascended)


Myrbbin is a wizard of study and books. He lives in a grand tower; a magical masterpiece situated on the connecting spot for all the great ley-lines of Mythia, in the foothills of the Sky Range about 200 miles from Laan-Tarun. He rarely ever leaves the tower where he lives with his only child, a boy named Melen, whose fate “Ever a child, ever dutiful.” keeps him as quite as a mouse and as helpful to the wizard as a dozen servants.
Myrbbin’s fate gives him a unique ability that no other in Mythia possesses the like of.
“In dreaming, you will know all knowledge. You pen will scratch your mind and brighten the world with words anew.”
Every night the wizard falls asleep before his grand tome with a fresh pot of ink and pen gripped between his wrinkled fingers. By morning the bottle is empty and dozens of new and interesting facts are scrawled upon the pages. In his waking Myrbbin makes sense of what he can and sends his findings to dozens of wizard schools around the world to get field research on any number of topics. Myrbbin’s dreams do not allow him to choose the topic of study but whatever it is, the wizard always comes out of the process with new and interesting information about it to share with the world at large. Sometimes the wizard cannot quite make out the “clues” he left himself about the subject and that knowledge winds up having to wait for another discovery to make sense. Myrbbin’s tower is a grand work of construction and magic that allows the casting of great spells in conjunction with his tome “Terthundre”, an artifact tome of great power that controls every aspect of the towers day-to-day operation and defense.

Myrbbin, the Wizard in the Tower

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