Michael, Guard of Faith

Michael is the leader of Heaven and acts as a god-like figure which the prayers of mortals are often sent to. This position does not quite suit the unsure and often times flawed angel.


5- (Nearly Impossible)


The Archangel Michael stands as the leader/commander of the might of heaven, all angels take their orders from him and he stands as the antithesis of Satan in the eyes of mortals. Originally second to Satan’s command near the beginning, Michael was hurt the most by his leaders betrayal. While Satan was born to wield power, Michael was born to protect the fragile faith within all Mythians, making him a quite but stalwart personally. Since the betrayal the weight of leadership has been heavy on Michael and he struggles to maintain his composure at all times for the benefit of his fellows.

When Satan began his attack upon the world it was Michael who convinced the forces of heaven to rally behind a single banner and fight back. At first the other angels did not think that Michael could possibility stand in for Satan, as he lacked the genius and vision of their former leader. His fate seemed small and lacking before the grandiose words of Satan’s.
“He will nourish the smallest seeds which will grow the largest trees.”
And they were right, Michael was not the same kind of leader, Satan used his power to impress and his wits to maneuver. Michael’s power comes from a quite humanity in a legion of immortal warriors; he is relate-able and obviously flawed, but pushes ahead despite it. Perhaps it is this trait that inspires the weak to stand tall.

In battle Michael shifts to an imposing gigantic size and the common staff he carries burns away into a bright blue sword. His halo is made of pure white birds which are roughly humming-bird size when he is the size of a normal man.

Michael, Guard of Faith

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