Leslie Lightwarden

Leslie is a Praag native who recently joined Harper's company. She is the first of the next generation to come under the legends wing.


3- (Potent Foe)


Leslie’s fate gifts her a unique ability
“Light shall be your shield, your blade, and your heart.”
Though the young raven-haired human is a sorcerer she also can use her magical talents to wield light, forming rock-hard shields, sharp blades that can stretch yards and create objects, such as a bridge out of light.
In the day time Leslie is able to use the sun, but at night or underground Leslie carries a special lantern that never goes out. Harper offered the place on his team to Leslie just after she graduated her formal schooling. He was motivated to do so not only because Leslie is the daughter of his late-wife’s sister, but also because Leslie had a champions fire in her eyes at a young age. Being Harper’s niece Leslie grew up hearing all about her uncle and the incredible stories of his heroic deeds and resolved herself to doing the same. When other children were playing with dolls or fencing with sticks, Leslie was learning to do flips and dodge arrows she made of her own light. She even had a training partner, a small golem about her size and made of her light that acted as her training partner. She can still summon this being and has named it Solar.
In person Leslie has a calming effect on those around her. Her voice is charming and melodic with silvery laughter. She becomes fierce when threatened and has her uncles cool head under fire. Duty-bound and ravenous to prove herself, Leslie makes a better piece of Harper’s crew then she gives herself credit for.

Leslie Lightwarden

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