Lady Nothing

The mysterious and powerful ruler of Cassedega.


? (Unknown power)


Lady Nothing is rarely seen and yet seemingly ever-present in the shadowy city she rules. Platinum coins are minted with her beautiful face as the currency of Cassedega. Said to be unbelievably wealthy and the picture of manors and style, Lady Nothing’s fate is just as mysterious as she is.
“Nothing amiss, nothing beyond reach, nothing broken but a heart.”
The lady loves masquerade balls and is always seen at these elite affairs wearing an elaborate half-mask and ever more intricate dresses. It is said that the lady is a constant target of assassinations, but though she keeps no guards none yet has been successful enough even to injure her.
Rumors about the lady are prevalent, especially in her own city. Some say that she is an underworld queen with connections to the most sinister criminals in Ignos. Others say she is a lich or necromancer with shadowy threads to Hell or Xosar. A handful believe she is simply a very wealthy business woman who is incredibly recluse because a lover broke her heart and she is afraid to love again.

Lady Nothing

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