Crator, The Earth's Fist

The dragon of strength, Crator is a powerful druid who sees far into the future. He hates the people of any race who do not respect their resources or live in harmony with the world. Crator is also the dragon of wilderness, earth, and protection.


5- (Nearly Impossible)


Crator is a mammoth even among other world-dragons and is the largest being in the world by a great margin. Whole villages fit below his wing-span and he often is found pretending to be a mountain by enfolding himself within his wings. Crator’s ability to foresee the future dwells solely on the earth and it’s actions. He can foresee a tidal-wave or earthquake, but can’t tell you what the lucky numbers to win at gambling are. He uses this ability to both aid in advancing his own agenda and help every civilization be forewarned of disaster. Crator’s gift is that any druid can access his visions and give prior warning of impending doom; but the more a society forgets the land, the less druids they will have until none remain, and those people are surely fated to be wiped off the face of Mythia by some disaster or another. When a society truly begins to harm the world in a short span of time however, Crator may be forced to take action against them. He shows the world the reason he is known as the earth’s fist when he flies up high in the atmosphere and dive-bombs on whole cities, meteoring into them and instantly obliterating them from existence.
In person Crator is a bellowing creature, full of honor and firm-beliefs which he will share and defend with his claws. When angered Crator usually just lifts his arm and lets it drop, but if ever a creature cannot just be crushed, Crator is slow and ponderous in battle but delivers killing blows with unequaled strength.

Crator, The Earth's Fist

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