Kodan, War-king of Praag

Kodan is a rare ursen, a race of bear-men that are native to the Sky Range. Unlike the majority of his kin, Kodan left his secluded homeland and traveled as a mercenary for hire who eventually became a champion, until he was elected war-king of Praag.


3- (Potent Foe)


Kodan was always a strong specimen of his race, and even as a cub would wrestle with the elder bears. Ursen rarely have strong fates and Kodan is no exception. The short and simple words of his fate did help define him though.
“A clan of one.”
When another Ursen tribe attacked his village, Kodan committed a horrible sin for a Ursen and killed another using a weapon, a giants claymore that had been brought up the mountains by a gatherer bear earlier in the week to sell for scrap. Even though his actions saved his mother, Kodan was banned from his village and sent out on the icy slopes to die. In an act of even further blasphemy Kodan descended the range, beyond the nearby villages of other peoples and stepped for the first time upon green grass. After months of wondering Kodan was spotted by an enterprising meek who offered to pay the bear a wage to work on his home. Kodan was taught the ways of money and some of the world by this Meek, named Causes a Crash and eventually left with well-wishes to find his way as a mercenary. Kodan proved to be a powerful warrior once he was taught to wield the claymore he had taken and made enough money to outfit himself and join a company. A bad job for a evil wizard made him swear off questionable work and he focused his efforts on helping people in need. Eventually he gained reputation and fame as a golden-heart champion and worked with several of the most famous fighters in the world including Harper the Bold. When the king of Praag met his untimely death at the hands of Pit, it was Harper who recommended to trial the Ursen for the new council of kings. The rest is history and Kodan has proven to be a stern and wise leader of armies. His tactical skills and patience have kept Praag from falling for another many years in it’s long illustrious history.

Kodan, War-king of Praag

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