Kazor, The First Flame

The dragon of war, he was excluded from his share of the world when it was divided at the end of the dragon-war and still rages, ripping kingdoms and lands apart in his fury. He is also the lord of tyranny, fire, strife and vengeance.


5- (Nearly Impossible)


At the end of the Dragon War all the world-dragons gathered together to divide the land of Mythia fairly so each could possess their own piece of creation and have a clear boundary between each other. Kazor alone was left out of this grand bargain, sent off to some far shore to fight. The other dragons knew that the moment Kazor possessed men and land he would raise an army and go to conquer the other dragon’s lands, using the boundaries as a shield to keep the others from ganging up to stop him. Because of this he did not receive any land nor people under his rule. His rage has never since been matched and he lairs where he will, under the watchful eye of whatever world-dragon’s territory he has intruded upon. As long as he does not damage too much or gather power to himself and continues to throw a tantrum, the others don’t bother him and leave him to his own devises. Kazor’s fated duty is to light the fires of the world, from the smallest candles to the sun itself. All things that burn, burn because of him.
Because of Kazor’s natural affinity with combat he is the most superior fighter among the world-dragons, but each in turn bests him in almost every other category. Kazor is quick to fight and hates to lose. He has his own code of battle which causes him only to attack enemies he believe have a chance of beating him. He is unbelievably arrogant.

Kazor, The First Flame

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