Kalad the Conqueror

Kalad is one of the foremost evils left in the world. A merciless war-machine stands at his beck and call, ready to cleanse the living from this world.


5- (Nearly Impossible)


Kalad was born a little over a hundred and fifty years ago to a small farming village. His family was cruelly killed by a warlord when he was very young and Kalad grew up with his grandfather. The old man trained the young Kalad to get his vengeance on this warlord and eventually, on the cusp of manhood Kalad sought him out and cut off his head. Holding their leader’s head above the army of young boys like himself, Kalad felt the power to sway men’s souls rise within his heart.
Kalad’s fate is perhaps one of the most strange in Mythia.
“Free them with death, she is your maiden. Drive them with battle, he is your adviser. Kill them with love, and they will find The Ever.”
From that moment on, Kalad became Kalad the Conqueror and cut a bloody swath across Ignos. It took a pact between the seven kingdoms to stop him and drive him into hiding. Kalad went underground in the only place where the world wouldn’t look for him, the Umbral Dark. Deep in the darkest recesses no one knows what happened to Kalad. Only that about a hundred years later he emerged as a pale-skinned death-knight with 12 other death-knights at his back. The world had changed much since Kalad’s initial onslaught and both the Holy Patrol and Pith the General acted as counter-weights to Kalad’s madness. Believing himself to be the embodiment of war and death, Kalad has even clashed against Kazor. Undead seem to flock to Kalad who in the current age is laying low till he finds an opportunity to strike.

Kalad the Conqueror

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